What is Swisspearl? Learn How You Can Use it on Your Projects

Key Information

  • Use: Façade cladding
  • Applications: Residential and corporate buildings
  • Characteristics: Large-format fiber cement panels, made from regenerative raw materials, colored with a transparent or pigmented acrylic top finish, rot-resistant, incombustible
  • Guarantee: 10 years


Swisspearl fiber cement large size panels give façades a face, individuality, character, texture, color and, very importantly, a highly effective protective layer. Swisspearl allows an immense range of possibilities for the design of façades, with an extensive selection of surface options, various types of joints and fastenings, and panel formats that can be freely selected within the maximum useable size. For visible creativity and to meet high aesthetic requirements, in proven Swisspearl quality.

Panel Sizes

Useable, finished panel sizes, after all four panel edges have been trimmed off.

  • 2000×1220 mm 8mm
  • 3040×920 mm 8mm
  • 2500×920 mm 8mm
  • 3040×1220 mm 12mm
  • 2500×1220 mm 12mm
  • 3040×1220 mm 8mm
  • 2500×1220 mm 8mm

Panels with 920 mm width are only available in CARAT colors Agate, Black Opal, Coral, Crystal, Sapphire and Topaz and require a minimum order quantity of 500 panels.


A wide range of more than 85 colors. See the availability in Swisspearl Program & colors brochure.


The whole range from flat layer to lapped coverings, with face or concealed fastening.

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