Thin Brick

Cost and time is a great concern in construction industry, thin veneer panel systems save resources (no need for lintels, footings, shelf angles, structural support, freight and decreased labor costs) compared to conventional masonry construction.


More about thin brick

Thin fired clay units, often referred to as thin brick, can be used as interior or exterior wall coverings. Thin brick veneer is a relatively new product which is seeing increasing popularity in commercial and residential markets. Thin brick are formed from shale and/or clay, and are kiln-fired. They are much like facing brick (ASTM C 216), except they are approximately 1/2 to 1 in. (12 to 25 mm) thick. The face sizes are normally the same as conventional brick and therefore, when in place, give the appearance of a conventional brick masonry wall.

Methods for using a thin veneer system: Curtain wall manufacturers and steel wall fabricators are now building complete walls with thin veneer systems already attached. These pre-built wall assemblies are then delivered to the site, saving valuable construction time. Manufactured fireplaces, commercial interiors and residential exteriors are areas were steel thin veneer panel systems can save time or reduce costs.

Thin brick is available in various sizes, colors and textures. The most commonly found face size is standard modular with nominal dimensions of 2-1/4 in. by 7 5/8 inch. (68 mm by 203 mm). The actual face dimensions vary slightly among manufacturers, but are typically 3/8 in. to 1/2 in. (10 mm to 13 mm) less than the nominal dimensions. The economy size unit is 50% longer and higher, but this difference goes virtually unnoticed since the aspect ratio (length to height) is the same for both the standard and the economy modular units. The economy modular face size, 4 in. by 12 in. (102 mm by 305 mm), is popular for use in large buildings because productivity is increased, and the unit's size decreases the number of visible mortar joints, thus giving large walls a more pleasing appearance by reducing the visual scale of the wall.

Thin Brick metal panels (features and benefits)

  • Made of highest quality 28 gauge Architectural G-60 Hot Dipped Galvanized steel
  • Dual mechanical locking of mortar brick
  • Eliminates need for footings and steel lintels
  • Extremely light-weight (only .888 lbs. Per square foot). Total weight with 1/2" brick and mortar is approximately 7 lbs. Per sq. ft.
  • Provides easy method for installing a bond pattern. The dove tail back bricks can slide along the tabs for fast and easy adjustment
  • Great for residing a residence or office building. Real brick exteriors are low in maintenance and high in value
  • Pre-formed 5 3/8" x 5 3/8" x 48" corner pieces make it easy to get started
  • Interior thin brick walls add style and quality to a room